Friday, 30 May 2008

Fist Group Strike again

The Flying Fuck
I am now convinced (even more than before) that Fist Group are sticking it to us again.

Whilst queuing for the bus this morning I noticed 2 people carrying their folding bicycles. This is not unusual as everyone in Bath knows that getting up the surrounding hills on a bicycle is not easy; thus a folding bicycle allows you to get the bus up the hill and ride the bicycle down.

I was astonished to find that both gentlemen were refused access to the bus. No warning, no notice period, nothing. They and several others have been using the buses in this way for a long time - why the change?

According to a gentleman at Fist Bus Station in Bath, it appears that bicycles should only have been carried if folded and fully enclosed.
Having checked the current(?) Customer Care Terms and Conditions, no such rule exists. There is no specific mention of bicycles. Who's lying?

When are Fist Group going to wake up and get real - they need all the customers they can get - shareholder value (37% down since January '08) - and our towns, country, and planet needs all the passenger miles it can get onto the buses and out of their cars. A great big Doh!!! To Fist Group again.
Fist Group are incapable of providing a public service - It is neither Public nor Service.
Bath needs a proper public service vehicle provider that acctujally gives a sh*t about our town and the people in it. Come on B&NES kick them out!!!
Why 'Fist Group'? I call them Fist Group because they are fisting everyone of their fare paying passengers and any local authority that has to use them to provide subsidised bus routes.

Friday, 2 May 2008

A Broadband Saga - Satisfaction

I have today received a telephone call from Caroline at BT Customer Service asking whether my issue had been resolved satifactorily.
She took my point that a satifactory conclusion could have been arrived at at the time of the incident but agreed that that was hardly possible now.
BT do not offer compensation for loss of service or anything else however as a gesture she could offer me 6 months free line rental.
I graciously accepted their offer on the proviso that there training had been improved and all call centre staff now knew that it is possible to change the name on a subsribers account without them losing any services provisioned on their line and that they knew how to do it.
Thank you BT.

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