Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Thursday, 17 November 2011

BT Home Hub manager - Home

or Why do they do this to us?

It seems that we are constantly subject to the vagaries of BT Openreach when we sign up to a broadband package over BT’s ‘last mile’.

Suffice to say – an agreement to call between 15:00 and 17:00 was only notable for the brief missed call which rang once and died.

BT Openreach -  ‘providers of fair and equal access to the network for CPs’ seem to have a strange method for resolving connectivity problems. Over the last several days my broadband quality has been in decline. Finally I’d had enough and initiated a call to BT Broadband’s help line. My broadband connection was resetting the Home Hub 2 every 3 to 5 minutes making BBC iPlayer on the satellite box impossible – I’m glad I’m not a £20 a month BT Vision customer. The prospect of doing a bit of out of hours work over VPN and a Remote Desktop session from home was a non-starter.

Some weeks ago I’d had my line connection upgraded from the ‘up to 8Mb‘ to the advertised ‘up to 20Mb’ on my Unlimited Total Broadband Option 3 package. Since I live only 400m from the exchange I had been getting just over 7Mb download speed which is good by anyone's standard so following the upgrade I was able to brag to  a friend that I was now getting 19Mb download speed.

Openreach have now clocked my connection down to:

Downstream 11,356 Kbps

Upstream 440 Kbps

…and its just gone again…

Needless to say  I’ll be back on the phone this morning stumbling my way through the switching system ‘til I reach India, to be told that I can book a time when they can call me!!

BT Home Hub manager - Home