Friday, 25 January 2008


We'd all like to to see the government we want; be it left right or centre (wherever that is this week) but this blog really is a fine piece of on going work. Enjoy The Ideal Government.

A posting a little way down on 22/01/08 says it all for the ID Cards farce. No, not farce; ID cards are not funny. It refers to the news that Accenture and BAE do not want to be involved - as John Oates of The Register puts it - 'Let's walk quietly away from this impending disaster'.

BRB Just had to push this one out when I saw it.

Wednesday, 23 January 2008

The Millbrooker came to Bath

It was truly a surprise to get a text on Monday last from my dear friend The Millbrooker.

At the time I was gently working my way round Gateshead's Metro Centre with Rhiannon who was desperately trying to spend yet more money on clothes, prior to returning to Bath by air a couple of hours later, and that's a story in itself.

The New Inn's brews were as good as ever and we had a really good time wending our way through verbal trivia for a few hours.

Cheers to all.