Thursday, 20 March 2008

Tom Paxton and an elusive CD

If anyone out there remembers* the late 60s then you will have heard of Tom Paxton. Amongst his large collection of albums released is one called "The Compleat Tom Paxton" and more recently "The Compleat Tom Paxton (Even Compleater)".

The recording was done in 1970 as a 'Live' concert at "The Bitter End" in New York. The 'Even Compleater' version was released in 2004 with 6 additional tracks on a 2 CD set.

What I am looking for is anyone with a copy of either version of the CD that they would be willing to sell.

Any responses gratefully received. Suffice it to say I have ordered it on-line from several suppliers who have all subsequently been unable to supply due to stock control issues - They don't actually have it but never realise until someone orders it.

* "If you can remember anything about the sixties, you weren't really there." Paul Kantner

Tuesday, 18 March 2008

Westgate Street - Shambles

They're still at it. Lorries I mean, mounting pavements and trashing the slabs.

When are B&NES going to stop this destruction and manage the access better. It must cost a fortune replacing and repairing the paving repeatedly. Patches of ugly black Tarmac are spreading down the street.
The worst thing is that road users have this strange idea that they have the right to displace anyone in their way. You try pointing out to a lorry driver that he shouldn't be on our pavement and they get bloody rude.
What road users have to realise is that the days of personal transport and nation road distribution networks are numbered. Our roads and towns and country and ultimately the planet can't sustain their use much longer.
There should be comprehensive pedestrian rights over all highways. One day it will be so.

Friday, 14 March 2008

A Broadband Saga - Sometime later

Way back in the mists of time (last December) you may remember there was a total cock-up by BT which resulted in me losing my land line number and the associated Pipex Broadband connection. At the time I wrote a letter of complaint to BT at there Customer Services(?) office in Durham with copies to Ofcom, BT Openreach, Pipex and BBC Watchdog.

To date I have only received a sympathetic response - from the BBC.

Do YOU think anyone actually gives a shit? What a waste of my time their reputations (already in tatters) and in the case of Ofcom - tax payers money.

What a lot of BOLLOCKS!!!

Budget - Bull's Doo-doos

Well, well, well! No surprises in the budget are there. Tinkering, take some away, give back a little less and call it a speech.

Alcohol duty: Why present a tax increase across the board as a way to curb binge drinking? Patent, high gloss, gold plated, bollocks. Those that 'need' to drink will continue to do so. In that respect it's probably yet another tax on those less able to manage their lives. For the rest of we ale quaffers it's yet another nail in the coffin of our local hostelries. BBC Report. If the government want to do something about people drinking too much then this strategy is flawed. Your local landlord is not permitted to serve you alcohol if you're drunk. Sainsbury's or ASDA or any of the others will happily take £25 off you for 2 litres of Vodka and a mixer with or without 79p/litre more duty and you can still be in A&E with a poisoned liver within hours. This increase in duty will not reduce binge drinking. BBC Report.

Tax on Gas Guzzlers: This is pointless. If you can afford a big engined car you can afford the tax. It will do nothing for reducing pollution or encouraging the use of public transport. It's just another source of revenue for the Exchequer. Hey and guess what - You know the income won't go into improving public transport!!!

Conclusion: Overall I think this Budget demonstrates conclusively that this government(?) is bankrupt of ideas and should be ousted at the earliest opportunity. Sailing blissfully into a global financial meltdown with no attempt to got our borrowing requirement under control is a recipe for a disaster that the people of this country will have to pay for for years to come. God(?) bless us and all who sail with us!!