Friday, 22 June 2012

One of my favourite places

One of the most iconic views in Cornwall and Penwith in particular is across Porthcurno Bay toward Logan Rock. There is a picture that is much used on greetings cards of a heart shape pierced by an arrow scratched in the sand on the beach which may be be familiar to many.
Tuesday was a beautiful day, the sun shone all day and the breeze off the sea was gently cooling.
We took the Lands End (1A) bus from Penzance Bus Station and after leaving Penzance headed out through  Newlyn and up the very steep Chywoone Hill. The bus crawled up in first gear at about 3 miles an hour. From the top and through Sheffield the view of the whole of Penwith and across to The Lizard was spectacular. The dishes of the Goonhilly Satellite Earth Station were clearly visible across Mounts Bay.
Up hill and down dale we went bouncing around on the top deck of the bus past the top of several lanes leading down to tiny coves on the coast to the south. Back up on the top and down a lane that was barely wide enough for the bus before reaching St Buryan. Reaching St Buryan Church there was instant recognition. I turned to BathZena, jumping up and down in frustration at my poor memory and desperately trying to remember the name of the film starring Julie Christie and ... Sensing my obvious frustration the women in the seat in front of us turned and restored calm, "Straw Dogs", she said before turning back to the next view. Sam Peckinpah made Straw Dogs with Dustin Hoffman and Susan George (not Julie Christie) in 1971 and filmed it in St Buryan.

Once in Porthcurno we walked straight up the hill to the Minack Theatre perched on the side of the rugged granite cliffs overlooking the sea. Peter Pan was playing in the afternoon so the theatre was closed to visitors but they did offer a viewing platform for us to take in the full extent of the view.

After the obligatory snaps had been taken we walked back down to the village. We had an hour or so so stopped for a a beer in the Cable Station Inn - not the best pint of Betty Stogs I've tasted.
The bus arrived all too soon and back to Penzance we bounced.
I just manged to get a shot of St Michael's Mount lit by the setting sun but it could have been better. I'll try again if I get a chance.

Thursday, 21 June 2012

What Happened to St Ives?

I've visited St Ives in Cornwall several times over the years and it's changed. All places change over time. Many change for the better but I suspect that in general places that find themselves destinations for visitors suffer a creeping sickness that leeches the life out of them.
St Ives from the Malakoff
Over the forty odd years that I've lived in Bath I've seen it and sad to say the same thing has happened to St Ives.
Gradually 'destination' (I hate that) type places lose their individuality and essence and end up being a whistle-stop caricature of themselves.
We're not yet at the peak of the season and yet the pushing and shoving along Fore Street was intolerable.It was such a relief when we could slip left into Salubrious Terrace off The Digey for a few moments calm looking up Virgin Street.

Virgin Street, St Ives
There is never going to be an end to it but it makes me sad.

A Classic British Railway Journey Lives On

Sleeper train from Penzance to capital is saved
Common sense has recognised over the question of the Night Riviera Sleeper that runs nightly to and from Penzance, Cornwall and London Paddington. 
Quite by chance as we were on our way back to the flat I heard a diesel growl from Penzance Station and had to get pictures so here are a selection.

Class 57 - 57602 - Restormel Castle waiting to leave Penzance 17/6/2012

Class 57 - 57602 - Restormel Castle waiting to leave Penzance 17/6/2012
Class 57 - 57602 - Restormel Castle waiting to leave Penzance 17/6/2012

Class 57 - 57602 - Restormel Castle waiting to leave Penzance 17/6/2012

Monday, 18 June 2012

Good Morning Penzance

What a wonderful start to the day.

Although we were greeted by a break in the cloud on Saturday afternoon the weather still managed to remind us that the sun doesn't always shine in Cornwall. After dropping our cases off we stepped downstairs to enjoy alfresco Fish and Chips at the Fat Fish Restaurant. Minutes after sitting down we were driven inside by a brief but wetting shower and a stiff breeze.
A Penzance Morning

Sunday morning was a delight. The view from our balcony, across Mounts Bay was stunning.

After sorting ourselves out we went up into the town for a few essentials, Sun Cream, stuff for my cold (it just hit me on Saturday night) and another UV filter for the camera.
Some of the Newlyn Fishing Fleet

We managed to walk all the way to Newlyn and saw the fishing harbour and the few boats still operating out of there. Mostly decimated by rubbish EU legislation. Who in there right mind would consider throwing bycatch back in the sea - total waste.
After stopping for a pint at the Swordfish while my leg rested (a great excuse) we carried on back to Penzance, stopping off for a dinner of Roast Cornish Beef and a pint of Skinner's Betty Stogs followed by a Sharps Own at the Alexandra Inn. BathZena acquainted her self with a pint of Healey's Cornish Rattler - lovely cyder.

3 pubs later and a surprise pint of Blue Anchor's Spingo Middle at the Dock Inn and we found our way back home.

What a great start to our holiday.

Thursday, 14 June 2012

All of Europe's data in US servers? We're OK with that - EC bod • The Register

All of Europe's data in US servers? We're OK with that - EC bod • The Register

The US Department of Homeland Security will be knocking on your door extradition order in hand.

Watch what you commit to the Cloud for secure storage, it may come back and bite you.

It seems the US Patriot Act trumps all other sovereignty.

OMG these pages are hosted in the US...

Friday, 1 June 2012

Where did this email come from?

One of the most annoying things about using Outlook 2010 is the apparent inability to see the Full Email Headers - you know the bit that tells you which servers it's passed through on its way to your mailbox.

Well here it is from the marvellous Slapstick Systems site How to View Internet Headers.

It's too simple for words but so helpful when diagnosing problems and of course spam sources.

2p Worth