Thursday, 12 April 2007

Easter Weekend (Part Deux)

Saturday was the reason we were in Plymouth.
We were invited to the wedding of friends James and Donna. James and his colleagues at the University of Bath some 8 or ten years ago worked at The Forum and Firkin (now O'Neill's) in Bath. During that time Zena was the cook (and still is) preparing all those meals that so many enjoy with a pint. As well as making sure that 'her children' were fed properly she ended up doing their washing and on at least one occasion even washing a rugby team's kit. Joe the best man may even have managed to illicit a small tear from Zena on mention of the above tale in his speech.
The wedding was held at St. Mary's Church in Plympton in the afternoon and it was wonderful. After the service everyone left for Langdon Court a marvellous establishment nestling in the south Devon hills close to Wembury Head. Sparkling wine flowed and everyone relaxed a little in the afternoon sun. The meal that followed was delicious. I started with a Goats Cheese and Red Onion Tart and Zena had soup, this was followed by Boeuf en Croute with vegetables which were perfect and the dessert was a Cheese Cake with Raspberry Meringue. After the speeches and toasts we all left the dining rooms for coffee and cake. The bar was open and the local ale Dartmoor Best Bitter was great. By 10 o'clock I was weakening so we called a cab and made our way the six miles back to Plymouth. We both went out like a light as soon as our heads hit the pillow.

Tuesday, 10 April 2007

Easter Weekend (I)

Wow. What a wonderful weekend we've had.
On Friday we travelled down to Plymouth by train (neither I nor Zena drive). We taxied to The Riviera Guest House (AA ***) in Elliot Street and were met at the door by Lester who kindly carried our monster case all the way to the top of the house where we were to stay for two nights. After a cup of tea and little relaxation we left the Riviera and walked up to The Hoe where Sir Francis Drake allegedly played bowls as the Spanish Armada sailed by. The day was sunny and we walked around the Citadel to The Barbican where we bought Fish and Chips which we ate on the steps leading down to the water at the end of the harbour. After lunch it was off to Bretonside to pick up bus timetables for the evening's expedition over to Keyham to see Lizzie and family; before wandering around the shops in and around Armada Way. There was a 'Continental Market' there selling all sorts of exotic stuff. We settled on a giant frankfurter in a short roll and some delicious potatoes cooked in cream and cheese and onions and garlic. After eating we decided to wait until Lizzie rang rather than going up to Keyham so went back to the Riviera. Later that evening Lizzie called and she came and took us to her house where we had a lovely evening with her family.

Thursday, 5 April 2007

UK Railways? (I)

I have just begun reading Christian Wolmar's book 'On the Wrong Line: How Ideology and Incompetence Wrecked Britain's Railways (Christian Wolmar :: Books) and within just the Introduction a chuckle broke from me - I quote "...providing the world with an object lesson in how not to privatise an industry.".

As I read I'll continue to post the bits that amuse or shock as I go.

Wednesday, 4 April 2007

American Political Satire??

For those readers who didn't believe that Americans could do satire this will amuse.

The Apple iRack

Nice one!!

Boy am I busy this morning :)

Returning the complement

My thanks to The Millbrooker for refering to my meagre blog in his substantial journal.

As you can tell from the infrequency of the entries, I am not as verbose as some but then this is early days. Either way there is quite a lot of me and mine on (Obsolete but still redirects Try Edited 200807161245BST

Oh! And trains!!!

For those who are longing to meet the lovely Zena, here she is.

Casablanca - My favourite scene

Saw the film again the other night - annoyed the heck out of Zena by pausing it at the point where Rick (Humphrey Bogart) opens and reads the message delivered by Sam at the station in the rain in Paris.

I just had to copy it down.

I cannot go with you, or ever see you again.
You must not ask why.
Just believe I love you. Go, my darling and God bless you.

Probably the most moving moment in the entire film.

There are some great moments and bits of script on which pick up the other 'best bits'.