Thursday, 28 February 2008

Minister defends National ID Register security | The Register

Minister defends National ID Register security The Register

"Home Office minister Meg Hillier defended the government's plans...", "fewer than 100 people will have access to the National Identity Database", doesn't really square with "asked exactly which bodies would be allowed access and in what circumstances. Hillier said that the number of institutions were too many to list".

You've got to hand it to her; you will not find better quality bullshit anywhere else on this planet. How can they possibly expect us to believe this crap is beyond imagination.

Some of us may have voted for this bunch of schiesters last time around but the wholesale erosion of our freedom and sovereignty that they have sanctioned would certainly exlude them from my future list of possible candidates to mandate.

Tuesday, 26 February 2008

Facebook loses a few bitches | The Register

Facebook loses a few bitches The Register

Well it does look as though The Millbrooker is neither the first and certainly not the last to leave social networking sites alone. They certainly are not a necessary part of online and connected existence.
Personally I can't stand the endless stream of pointless games that compare everyone you've said hello to with everyone else.
It's just got rather boring!!

Mergers and Acquisitions

Following the Microsoft offer to Yahoo!, The Register came up with a competition to name the new organisation the results of which are here. Enjoy!!

Monday, 25 February 2008

One Month on...

A brief rant - 3 things that bugged me this morning.

1. Why can't my doctors surgery allow me to collect a repeat prescription on Saturday mornings? Our surgery doubles as the local NHS Direct Walk-in Centre. It is staffed lit and heated but because the surgery reception is not open I cannot collect my prescription, that repeats every 2 months, losing me an hours work time every time.

2. Not many years ago I took several pictures of a lorry with it's front off-side wheel stuck firmly in Boots of Westgate Street's cellar. . These pictures were subsequently published in the then daily Bath Evening Chronicle. Needless to say the grating that failed was replaced by a steel sheet and tarmac patching. Despite the cost of constantly repairing and patching the situation is allowed to persist and yet again my morning walk up to the bus stop in the High Street was disturbed by lorries driving down our pavements with the distinctive crunch as yet more slabs crack.

3. Why do people who board the bus to the University insist on clustering at the front preventing full access to the rear. It misleads the driver into thinking his bus is full and deprives following passengers of a timely arrival at their destination. I thinks it's ignorant and selfish.

Whoops!!!!! There goes my Blood Pressure again!!!!