Wednesday, 18 February 2009

'I will regulate pubs, but I don't visit them' - General news - Politics - Morning Advertiser

'I will regulate pubs, but I don't visit them' - General news - Politics - Morning Advertiser: "Alan Campbell"

Can you imagine our government being any more ridiculous. It must be time for them to leave. Perhaps a large bell and a call of 'Time Please Gentlemen and Ladies' should be rung at great volume from the visitors gallery of the House of Commons.

For Alan Campbell and whoever appointed him this clearly demonstrates the crass stupidity of this administration.

As I have said in a previous blog which I can't be bothered to look up (you can if you want): The only effective way to control the damage people are doing with excessive alcohol consumption is to restrict access to the only controlled drinking environment - the pub. If you force pubs out of business and allow the whole sale price slashing of other suppliers then the consumer will get just as drunk at home or in shebeens that will spring up where there were once local pubs.

Will someone please call a halt to this stupidity!!!

Join the Facebook Cause 'Save the Great British Pub' and have a look at the Campaign for a Fair Pint too.

Wednesday, 4 February 2009

What a Surprise

Well, after a break of over six months due to nothing more than total apathy I was amazed to find that this Blog had received 39 page hits last week. On closer investigation - I went to the counter site (sitemeter) and found that the new series of Shameless which I managed to miss last night had yet again attracted attention. The page in question is buried deep in the archive pages from last April ( David Threlfall stars as Frank the head of the dysfunctional family of Gallaghers living on the Chatsworth Estate. Amazing show - please everyone watch and enjoy.
Now I should appear further up The Millbrookers Links list.