Monday, 12 January 2015

Where did 2014 go?

Probably the most significant changes to my life was during the last quarter of 2013. I applied for a post in a new team. I was finally interviewed and appointed in the spring of 2014.
Since then my feet have barely touched the ground. If anyone follows me on Twitter (@thenctoo) they will know that I have erred toward the quick and dirty world of ambiguity to speak of whatever drives me at the time.
Again this summer we went off to Penzance in Cornwall for a week and extended weekend to help celebrate the Summer Solstice in the Golowan Festival (Pretty naff and out of date). They have a Facebook page too -
Every summer the people of Penzance and Penwith mark the Solstice with a week or more of Arts events, showcasing the best and variety of the Arts in the far South West of Cornwall.

One of the high points for me was the arrival of the Mazey Day Cornishman special train hauled by preserved diesel hydraulic locomotive D1015 Western  Champion.

Kakatsitsi, Master Drummers from Ghana 
The celebrations culminate in two festival days. On the Saturday the town of Penzance enjoys Mazey Day and is given over to the procession of schools and community groups showing of their themed creations. Despite there being barely 40 thousand people living in Penwith they have to hold 3 processions as it's not possible for all the groups to be paraded at once.

As well as the parades there are stalls and entertainments as well as a considerable amount of drinking.
One of the high points for me this year was the Spingo tent. It was delight to see so many of their brews in one place. Probably the only time it happens outside Helston.

On the following day the town celebrates Penzance Quay Fair Day with stalls, entertainments and more drinking.

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