Wednesday, 1 January 2014

A Cornish Black Pudding

If you type 'Ian Lentern' into the Google search engine it will return results with the following page at the top of the list: Ian Lentern Butchers: Traditional Family Butcher - Penzance

During our stay over Christmas in Penzance we had the opportunity to visit the Ian Lentern Butchers shop for a couple of bits and pieces to feed us over the holiday period.

When I first entered the shop I was impressed by the well displayed meats and uncluttered space. At the far end was the chilled cabinet containing the cooked meats and the initial object of my interest, Black Pudding. Yes, I know Cornwall has a reputation for first rate Hog's Pudding but if anyone knows me or has followed this blog for a while they'll know that I'm always keen to try different black puddings from all of the country.

So, for a little less than a pound I purchased a short length of Black Pudding to have with my breakfasts for a few days.

Lentern's Black Pudding is delicious. It is certainly not a very black pudding due in the main because of its natural skin. Cutting a 12mm slice I found it to be firm and retained its structure. The contents were well defined. Blood, barley and fat are in appropriate proportions  and the aroma was enticingly savoury.
The pudding's consistency was not over compressed and crumbled slightly when cut. Finally the taste; Lentern's Black Pudding is as the aroma suggested, savoury without being over spiced, seasoned with salt the pudding had a richness which demanded a fresh slice of buttered toast to gain the best from it.
I enjoyed the pudding so much I resolved to purchase a whole one which I did on our way to the station, bound for home. A whole pudding weighed just 732g and at £7.25 per Kg cost £5.31.

It is now sliced and frozen for me to enjoy with breakfast and the occasional lunch for the next couple of months.

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